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Against the background of increasing challenges due to stricter emission legislations and more complex powertrain systems we have modernized our testing area. With our facilities we now offer all testing services for (sub-)component testing and complete powertrain testing.

To adapt to the customer requirements, we are able to adapt our test benches individually and provide the specific measurement equipment according the specific development tasks. Qualified engineers and technicians supervise all test runs at the test benches.

In cooperation with our engineering partners, we also offer individually configured test bench solutions for our customers which meet state of the art testing requirements.

Powertrain Testing

Our portfolio covers the range of transient and hybrid engine test benches, powertrain test benches and vehicle test benches with full media conditioning and full flow measurement possibilities. Test parameters include for example power and torque measurements, fuel measurement, electric power measurement, battery simulation, emission measurement (gaseous, PM, PN), blow-by measurement, and cylinder pressure indication.

In order to shorten development times – especially in technology-oriented development projects — our engineers are joining the test bench work. Thus, already during the measurement procedure, they can interpret the results and derive immediate next steps.

  • Conventional and Hybrid Powertrain testing
  • EV testing
  • WLTP, RDE on test bench
  • Mechanical and functional testing
  • Performance and Durability tests
Powertrain Testing

Testbench Solutions

An experienced team of experts from our testing facility area and high-skilled engineers from our thermodynamic and mechanical area together with our engineering partners is available to configure your individual test bench solution.

Our portfolio covers the range of standard 1-axle engine test benches up to full 5-axle powertrain test benches, on-demand equipped with

  • Media Conditioning Systems
  • Intake and Exhaust Flow Measurement
  • Fuel Measurement
  • Electric Power Measurement
  • Battery Simulation
  • Emission Measurement (gaseous, PM, PN)
  • Blow-by Measurement
  • Cylinder Pressure Indication
  • Control System and Data Acquisition System
Testbench Solution

Component Testing

On our mechanical test rigs, equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology, a towing capacity of up to 65 kW, and media conditioning, we examine all the engine components and assemblies. By means of contacting and contactless measurement techniques and fast signal acquisition systems, we are testing, for example:

  • Valve Trains
  • Chain Drives
  • Oil Pumps
  • Camshafts, Crankshafts
  • Fuel Injection Systems

in terms of function, friction, vibration, wear, oil consumption, and acoustics.

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