Software Development

Electronic and Software Development

We will meet your requirements with state-of-the-art development standards in the fields of:

  • Powertrain electrification (Flexible SW architecture for various hybrid and BEV topologies available)
  • New combustion engine technologies (Rapid prototype systems for testbench and vehicle usage)

Powertrain Control System

Meta’s electronic and software professionals cover the entire spectrum of development tasks for automotive applications.

We are your partner for the development of powertrain control systems. In this scope, we accompany you through the complete development process of your product. This includes custom-tailored solutions for small- and large-scale developments, from the first circuit design and software development for function prototypes and for mass production developments.

According to your project idea our specialised engineers offer the following services to you:

  • Requirements elicitation and specification
  • Function and software development
  • Functional safety engineering
  • Software testing (MiL / SiL / HiL)

A flexible software architecture is available for your individual applications and product development.

Whatever concern you have, just ask us!

Software Development - Powertrain Control System


Meta’s almost 30 years of experience are built on successful development projects as:

  • Range extender and PHEV operation strategy (based on a modular SW platform)
  • Demonstration vehicles as 48V, PHEV, REEV (control strategy, vehicle integration and calibration)
  • RP-engine control systems for research engines
    • Pre-chamber
    • Charging devices
    • New combustion technologies (e. g. VVL, switchable valve train systems)
Meta Software Development Examples