Software Development

Electronic and Software Development

  • Powertrain Electrification (Flexible SW Architecture for various Hybrid and BEV Topologies available)
  • New combustion engine technologies (Rapid Prototype Systems for testbench and vehicle usage)
  • We will meet your requirements with state-of-the-art development standards.

Powertrain Control System

Meta’s electronic and software professionals cover the entire spectrum of development tasks for automotive applications.

We are your partner for the development of powertrain control systems. In this scope, we accompany you through the complete development process of your product. This includes custom-tailored solutions for small- and large-scale developments, from the first circuit design and software development for function prototypes and for mass production developments.

  • Requirements elicitation and specification
  • Function and software development
  • Functional Safety engineering
  • Software testing (MiL / SiL / HiL)

A flexible software architecture is available for your individual applications and product development.

Software Development - Powertrain Control System

The fast and reliable development of new powertrain technologies requires to evaluate the potentials, cost-benefit relation, and potential risks already within the project evaluation phase. Using a concept or feasibility study, we verify that your new product is realizable. We rely on our technical expertise as well as on the results of our market analysis and benchmarking.

Based on our 28 years of experience, our database, design concepts and simulation, we can demonstrate the future features of your products early and accurately. The results of these studies will provide the necessary know-how to develop a comprehensive specification for viable new products.

We see conceptual tasks as multidimensional, multifaceted challenges. Our engineers, through their comprehensive expertise, are enabled to consider and evaluate all relevant aspects of product design from the very beginning.

Our teams methodically work out concept variants, by which we define the most effective solutions, in close cooperation with our customers. Detailed concept analysis and review will allow a future-oriented perspective for your new product and the best conditions for fast market introduction.


Meta’s experience is build on successful development projects during the last twenty years:

  • Range Extender and PHEV operation strategy (based on a modular SW platform)
  • Demonstration vehicles (e.g. 48V, PHEV, REEV) (Control strategy, Vehicle Integration and Calibration)
  • RP-Engine Control Systems for research engines
    • Pre-chamber
    • Charging devices
    • New-combustion technologies (e.g. VVL, switchable valvetrain systems)
Meta Software Development Examples
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