Powertrain Development

Competence in Development. Efficient and Creative.

Our highly qualified staff with comprehensive expertise and many years of experience in powertrain conception design and simulation will develop the best solution for your futire products:

  • Combustion Engines
  • Mild Hybrid Powertrains (including 48V Systems)
  • Hybrid Powertrains
  • Plug in Hybrid powertrains
  • Range extender powertrain solutions
Powertrain Development


The fast and reliable development of new powertrain technologies requires to evaluate the potentials, cost-benefit relation, and potential risks already within the project evaluation phase. Using a concept or feasibility study, we verify that your new product is realizable. We rely on our technical expertise as well as on the results of our market analysis and benchmarking.

Based on our 28 years of experience, our database, design concepts and simulation, we can demonstrate the future features of your products early and accurately. The results of these studies will provide the necessary know-how to develop a comprehensive specification for viable new products.

We see conceptual tasks as multidimensional, multifaceted challenges. Our engineers, through their comprehensive expertise, are enabled to consider and evaluate all relevant aspects of product design from the very beginning.

Our teams methodically work out concept variants, by which we define the most effective solutions, in close cooperation with our customers. Detailed concept analysis and review will allow a future-oriented perspective for your new product and the best conditions for fast market introduction.


Powertrain design is a core competence of Meta GmbH, which brings together all the relevant design variables and communicates closely with the product-related areas. We design complex assemblies with the latest CAD systems using the top-down method, or according to your specifications. By tolerance analysis and derivation of process-oriented manufacturing tolerances we work out detailed manufacturing drawings. The direct link to our CNC machines allows the prototyping of complex 3D geometries directly in-house.

To meet your requirements, we work with most popular CAD platforms, and have a variety of data exchange formats. We will focus on your specific design guidelines and specifications.

CAE / Simulation

Meta develops up-to-date and future-oriented powertrains by intensive support of virtual development tools. This combines all relevant disciplines, like thermodynamics, mechanics, and acoustics.

  • Process Simulation (1D, 3D)
  • Structural and Dynamic Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • CFD Analysis
  • Vehicle Simulation
  • Operation Strategies (NEV / Hybrid)

Project Examples

Meta’s experience is built on many successful development projects during the last twenty years such as:

Full Development of New Combustion Engines until Start of Production:

  • Cylinder Number from 1 to 6 Cylinders
  • Gasoline and Diesel Engines with Major Focus on Gasoline
  • Turbo-Charged or Naturally Aspirated
  • Direct Injection or Port Fuel Injection

 High Efficient Gasoline Engines:

  • Atkinson Cycle in Combination with Cooled EGR and up to 40 % Efficiency
  • High Efficient Gasoline Engine with Miller Cycle, High Compression Ratio, Advanced Ignition and 42,5 % Efficiency
  • Gasoline Pre-Chamber Combustion Technology Targeting with Engine Efficient Level above 45 %
  • Integration of New Engine Technologies like Variable Valve Lift (VVL) technology, Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) Technology and Advanced Charging Devices
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