Manufacturing Expertise

Our experienced team transforms your ideas into something tangible and is ready for your prototyping or manufacturing order regarding production

  • of precision components,
  • prototypes and samples,
  • individual spare parts up to
  • small series production.

We are specialists for the following manufacturing processes:

  • CAD, CAM and QM support
  • Milling up to 1250 mm
  • Turning up to 570 mm diameter and 2000 mm length
  • Grinding up to 400 mm diameter and 1600 mm length
  • Surface treatment of components by our excellent partners

Due to our experience with CAM systems, we can smoothly integrate highly complex components into the manufacturing and machining process.

Prototyping Services

In our in-house production with connected QA laboratory, we can promptly demonstrate the functionality of the design results using prototypes and optimise them if necessary. We offer the precise manufacture of your components as well as the assembly of complete devices and systems.

Thanks to our global network of suppliers, we are well positioned to offer you special manufacturing processes that are not part of our service portfolio. If these are necessary for the production of your components, we fall back on our reliable partners who are well acquainted with processes as

  • casting,
  • laser welding,
  • 3D printing,
  • heat treatment and surface finish as well as
  • coating.

Prototyping Meta Motoren- und Energie-Technik


If desired, our experienced mechanics and device electronics engineers will be happy to perform the initial assembly of your prototypes, often accompanied by an experienced design engineer. In the course of this, you benefit from a complete analysis, documentation and, if required, the preparation of instructions for future assemblies.

Meta Motoren- und Energie-Technik GmbH